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Rod Coating Calculators

Buschman has created easy-to-use Rod Coating Calculators to offer customers a quick, simple way to look at rod coating hypotheticals. Whether starting a new coating line or making modifications to a current operation, our calculators can help you understand the relationships between thread size, wet film thickness, and dry coat weight.

Wet film thickness and dry coat weight are the two most common metrics customers use to determine if they are applying the right amount of coating. Thread size directly affects both these variables. By using these three factors, a customer should be able to determine the relation between thread size and whatever finished coating metrics they are looking to achieve.

Buschman’s calculators help customers consider these factors when evaluating the potential proper rod for their application. Calculators include:

  1. Estimate Wet Film Thickness based on Thread Size
  2. Estimate Wet Film Thickness based on Dry Coat Weight
  3. Estimate Dry Coat Weight based on Thread Size
  4. Estimate Dry Coat Weight based on Wet Film Thickness
  5. Estimate Coating Application Volume based on Thread Size
  6. Estimate Thread Size based on Wet Film Thickness
  7. Estimate Thread Size based on Dry Coat Weight
  8. Estimate Thread Size based on Coating Application Volume
  9. Weight (Coating or Basis) Converter
  10. Estimate new Thread Size based on Current Coating Results
  11. Wet Film Scraper Measurement

IMPORTANT NOTE: Buschman has provided the new Rod Coating Calculators for reference purposes only. While they are designed for any type of rod coating application, it’s important to remember that the calculators are all theoretical and real-world results will vary based on a wide range of application parameters.

Data from the calculators should be considered a starting point for real-world trials, which should be performed in close partnership with the metering rod supplier.

For true optimization, we strongly advise customers to work directly with us to determine the best size and profile.

How to Order

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