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Metering Rods for Paper Mills, Paperboard Mills, Linerboard Plants & Converting Plants

Buschman has been a trusted source for superior metering rod technology for the paper and converting industries since 1977. Customers around the world turn to Buschman for custom-engineered metering rods and rod holders tailored to their applications and specifications, such as paper coating, paperboard coating, and film coating.

We manufacture everything in-house to meet our standards for quality and precision, the highest standards in the industry.

Paper Mills

Paper mills use Buschman metering rods in Rod Metering Size Presses to surface size both the front and back of the paper. In these applications, the sizing agent is metered onto a transfer roller which transfers the coating to the moving paper web. Our rods precisely and accurately control the volume of starch and/or other coatings.
Buschman products for paper mills include grooved coating rods and smooth coating rods. Buschman rods are used for producing white printing and copying paper, brown liner and medium paper, and thermal transfer products, such as labels.

Paperboard Mills

Buschman smoothing rods are used by paperboard mills to apply Kaolin clay, latex, and titanium coatings to both single and duplex coated board, such as packaging paperboard, gift boxes, and cereal boxes.

Linerboard Plants

Linerboard plants use Buschman grooved metering rods and some smooth rods to apply a variety of color and functional coatings to liner and medium. Examples include the application of white coating prior to a printing operation and barrier coatings that keep grease and moisture from penetrating the sheet.

Converting Plants

Converting plants that make tapes, labels, window films, protective masking, and similar products use Buschman grooved, wire-wound, and smooth metering rods. Converting coating operations rely on Buschman rods for a vast array of purposes, such as applying adhesive to tape, silicone release, or laying down tint on window film treatments.

Top-Quality PU and PE Rod Holders

Buschman also manufactures rod holders engineered for a more uniform and consistent rod fit along the entire length of the holder. Made in-house from Hot Cast Polyurethane (PU) and UHMW Polyethylene (PE), our rod holders reduce rod vibration, increase rod and holder life, and promote a more uniform coating.

How to Order

Our engineering team will work with you to customize long-lasting metering rods for your application. Call us or use our online form to request a quote.

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