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Certified for Quality: Buschman’s Exclusive Metering Rod Certification Program

How Buschman Certifies Metering Rod Quality

High quality coating is critical to your brand identity and the brands of your customers. Even the smallest imperfection can cost you thousands of dollars in wasted time, money and reputation.

That’s why Buschman certifies grooved metering rod quality and precision. No matter the profile, our grooved metering rods are guaranteed accurate and true to size.

How Certification Works

Buschman’s exclusive certification process has been developed through decades of experience. Here are the steps we take to ensure that our grooved metering rods are the highest quality in the world:

  • Every Buschman coating rod undergoes more than 30 quality checks during production.
  • Each rod is stamped with a unique serial number to ensure quality compliance.
  • Quality is checked at every stage of production to verify all part specifications.
  • Thread accuracy is digitally scanned during thread forming and chrome plating at sub-nanometer resolution to measure thread size and shape.
  • Digital scans are retained indefinitely and tied to serial numbers.
  • Each rod can be traced back to the steel coil used at the start of the manufacturing process.

How Certification Saves Money

Buschman’s certified, high-performance coating rod solutions can boost the efficiency of your coating operation and deliver real, bottom-line savings:

  • Less scrap;
  • Less downtime;
  • Lower overhead;
  • Minimal variations in coat weight.

This coating optimization study illustrates how fine-tuning a thread profile can save hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Why Buschman Certifies its Rods

Buschman is the global leader in custom-designed metering solutions for applying coating to paper and other surfaces.

Precision is the foundation of what we do. Our certification program ensures that Buschman grooved rod threads are the most accurate in the world, producing reliable, repeatable results and the longest-lasting rods.

Learn more. Call us at +1 216 431 6633 or contact us.

How to Order

Our engineering team will work with you to customize long-lasting metering rods for your application. Call us or use our online form to request a quote.

Call us at +1 216 431 6633