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What Customers Say about Buschman Metering Products & Service

Superior Engineering Expertise

“If we didn’t have a good rod supplier, this job would be a lot more challenging than it already is. Buschman has offered engineering help to redesign some of the rods or look at what we’re doing and the materials we’re coating to give us new options on new rods and ways to improve our coating process. Their knowledge has definitely been a benefit. They bend over backwards to help.”

– Coating Manager, Large Converter in Northern US

Trusted for Quality and Technical Knowledge

“We’re looking for the quality of the product. We want to make sure we receive a consistent quality product that’s cost-effective. The price is very important; that keeps us competitive. We also look for the trust factor in having the partnership with the customer. Buschman has the technology and the know-how in the industry to provide us with rods for the coating service we need.

“It’s their intelligence factor: The technical knowledge of their products, the technical knowledge of the chemicals used with their products; they know how they’re going to respond and they have different profiles for their rods, so they can recommend the appropriate rod set up for the applications that we’re looking to run. It’s very important to us because we’re constantly in the research and development mode, so we don’t have a lot of time to get it wrong. We have to get it right the first time.

“Buschman also is a responsive company.  When we need something really hot or a certain rod for a certain order that’s not standard, they work with us to deliver within the timeframe required.

“You have to partner with a supplier that you trust and rely on and that’s what we receive from Buschman. There are other suppliers out there, but we have confidence in Buschman. Buschman gives us the best pricing and we have a partnership. They have great service and they’ve proven it.”

– Production Manager, Large Multinational Packaging Paper Plant

Dependable Quality

“Metering rods are a small part, but a very important part of our operation. Buschman has a quality product. Some of their competitors use low-grade steel in their rods and we had corrosion issues, so maintaining high quality materials is one of the reasons we continue to use Buschman.”

– Senior Manager, Multinational Paper Mill in Australia

“The number one reason we work with Buschman is the product quality. The second reason is service.  If we are running low on product, they’ll turn the world upside down to get us what we need. Buschman delivers product performance and customer service.”

– Coated Products Manager, Prominent Packaging Paper Producer in Northern US

“We’re looking for a rod that lasts, and a rod that doesn’t leave streak marks and cause a quality issue. Buschman has a quality product and they get it to us when we need it. That’s the relationship we have. It meets all our expectations.”

– Coated Products Manager, International Packaging Paper Producer

“The quality of Buschman’s products is excellent. In the ten years we’ve been purchasing coating rods from them, we’ve had maybe two or three issues and they are minor issues. For the number of coating rods we purchase, that’s incredible. Their quality has been so high and they work so well with us that we don’t even consider looking at other vendors for our coating rod needs.”

– Purchasing Manager, Leading Packaging Paper Producer in Southern US

Unmatched Quality, Technical Knowledge, and Service

“From day one, quality is the reason we picked them, plus their knowledge of what they do. When we did our homework and research, everything kept coming back to Buschman.

“We started an R&D line and we were new to the game as far as what we needed application-wise for various coatings. Buschman came in, helped us set up our Michelman coater, and worked hand in hand with us to train us on making adjustments on the Michelman coater. To come in here and give us a hand like that was outstanding.

“Their biggest value is their customer service. It’s first class. I couldn’t ask for anything more. They’re just great guys to work with. The whole staff, just good people.”

– Coating Manager, Leading U.S. Packaging Paper Plant

A Responsive Supplier You Can Trust

“Rods have different types of thread configurations and sizes and if they’re off just a little bit, it could make a big difference in our product. Our customers have very specific needs and we have to be able to meet those needs and do it every time. We can count on the Buschman coating rods to do that for us. We’re very pleased with their performance and with our relationship. We have a great working relationship and we’re happy with their products.

“Buschman provides all the expertise in coating rods and rod beds and they really go to bat for us when we have immediate needs and we appreciate that. They’re a good company to work with. They’re always right on time with meeting our needs, and that’s the biggest thing. Our needs change greatly, and our orders change greatly, and sometimes we get surprised by orders that have different requirements. Buschman has always been real quick to take care of us if we have a specific need.”

– Purchasing Manager, Leading Packaging Paper Producer in Southern US

“The main thing for us is Buschman’s responsiveness. If we want to do something slightly different than in the past, they cooperate with that. I go to them first if I want to try something different.”

– Senior Manager, Multinational Paper Mill in Australia

“Since we’ve opened the doors here, we’ve worked and had a great partnership with Buschman. They are a very highly reputable company and we’re proof of that as a happy customer. We have a lot of trust and faith in Buschman, so we just give them gold stars.”

– Production Manager, Large Multinational Packaging Paper Plant

Delivering Consistent Quality

“It’s all about the quality of the rod we’re using to meter the product onto the paper. Without the proper rod application, your coating isn’t going to lay properly. Buschman has a quality product that performs the way it’s supposed to and they get it to us when we need it. They consistently meet all our expectations.”

– Coated Products Manager, International Packaging Paper Producer

“Consistent quality is the number one requirement for me and that’s what Buschman delivers.”

– Senior Manager, Multinational Paper Mill in Australia

Committed to Personalized Customer Service

“Buschman’s service is outstanding. You don’t find that anymore. If we need something custom tweaked through Buschman, they’re more than willing to sit down with us and do so. They have quality, performance, and great delivery time and they’re very responsive to our needs. They go above and beyond. They’re first class.”

– Coating Manager, Leading U.S. Packaging Paper Plant

“We’ve used Buschman for well over ten years. Buschman goes above and beyond: The quality of materials, the finished goods, the on-time deliveries. They go out of their way to get us the product we need.”

– Coating Manager, Large Converter in Northern US

“It’s definitely personal service. Buschman will come here and check out our setups to see what we’re running. It’s personal involvement. That’s something that’s kind of hard to find nowadays, a little old school. When you’ve got technical problems and you get someone to come in, and it also happens to be one of the people running the company, it’s pretty good, it’s rare.”

– Quality Manager, Premium Packaging Paper Producer in Northern US

A Proven Resource for Technical Expertise & Support

“There aren’t a lot of resources out there for off-line coating. We end up leaning on Buschman quite a bit for troubleshooting and they’re great with that. When you have a quality issue, many times it’s a combination between the coating and the paper, but to resolve that, you need to look at the method by which you’re applying that coating. Should we be doing something different with our rods? Should we be using a different rod profile?

“That’s where I lean on the knowledge of Buschman. If I make a call over there, I guarantee you I’m going to get someone’s who’s knowledgeable and answers the phone and if I need to talk to one person in particular about it, they get back to me in a short order. I wish all vendors were that way.

“When you have someone like Buschman come to us and say, ‘we’re redesigning our rod beds and we’d like you to try one,’ that means the world to companies like us because you have the opportunity to improve. We’ve been doing ongoing trial work with them on rod beds and they’re a joy to work with. They allow us to do our trial work on what fits for us, for the information we need to get out of it, and then allow feedback for them on how it’s working, and it works quite well for us.”

– Coated Products Manager, Prominent Packaging Paper Producer in Northern US

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