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Paper Mills

Precision-Engineered Metering Rods and Rod Holders for Paper Mills & Paper Coating

Many of the world’s best-known paper mills use Buschman grooved coating rods and smooth coating rods for paper coating. Buschman rods are used to produce white printing and copying paper, brown liner and medium paper, and thermal transfer products, such as labels.

Paper mills trust Buschman products for precision, consistency, and long life. Our rods accurately control the volume of starch and other coatings in Rod Metering Size Presses as the sizing agent is metered onto a transfer roller, which then transfers the coating to the moving paper web.

Grooved Metering Rods

Buschman pioneered grooved metering rods and is the industry leader with more than 28 thread profiles, the most of any supplier. Our engineers can create a customized thread profile specifically for your application designed to deliver superior performance and reduce your coating operation costs. Our customized thread profiles have helped customers around the world solve difficult coating problems and achieve uniformity, coat weight, and longevity.

Smoothing Rods

Buschman smoothing rods are used in paper coating as a follow-up process to a metering rod or other coating method to create a smoother result, especially when using high viscosity coatings. Our stainless steel smoothing rods are manufactured hard chrome plated in-house in our facility.

PE and PU Rod Holders

Buschman rod holders are precision manufactured for a more uniform and consistent rod fit along the entire length of the holder. We manufacture rod holders from Hot Cast Polyurethane (PU) and UHMW Polyethylene (PE).

How to Order

Our engineering team will work with you to customize long-lasting metering rods for your application. Call us or use our online form to request a quote.

Call us at +1 216 431 6633


Quality, Performance & Responsiveness

“Buschman’s service is outstanding. You don’t find that anymore. If we need something custom tweaked through Buschman, they’re more than willing to sit down with us and do so. They have quality, performance, and great delivery time and they’re very responsive to our needs. They go above and beyond. They’re first class.”

Coating Manager
Leading U.S. Packaging Paper Plant

Buschman Delivers Consistent Quality

“It’s all about the quality of the rod we’re using to meter the product onto the paper. Without the proper rod application, your coating isn’t going to lay properly. Buschman has a quality product that performs the way it’s supposed to and they get it to us when we need it. They consistently meet all our expectations.”

Coated Products Manager
International Packaging Paper Producer

Going Above & Beyond for Customers

“We’ve used Buschman for well over ten years. Buschman goes above and beyond: The quality of materials, the finished goods, the on-time deliveries. They go out of their way to get us the product we need.”

Coating Manager
Large Converter in Northern US

Trusted for Superior Quality & Service

“The number one reason we work with Buschman is the product quality. The second reason is service. If we are running low on product, they’ll turn the world upside down to get us what we need. Buschman delivers product performance and customer service.”

Coated Products Manager
Prominent Packaging Paper Producer in Northern US

Consistent Quality

“Consistent quality is the number one requirement for me and that’s what Buschman delivers.”

Senior Manager
Multinational Paper Mill in Australia

Top Ratings for Quality Products & Service

“Since we’ve opened the doors here, we’ve worked and had a great partnership with Buschman. They are a very highly reputable company and we’re proof of that as a happy customer. We have a lot of trust and faith in Buschman, so we just give them gold stars.”

Production Manager
Large Multinational Packaging Paper Plant

The Supplier of Choice for Coating Rods

“The quality of Buschman’s products is excellent. In the ten years we’ve been purchasing coating rods from them, we’ve had maybe two or three issues and they are minor issues. For the number of coating rods we purchase, that’s incredible. Their quality has been so high and they work so well with us that we don’t even consider looking at other vendors for our coating rod needs.”

Purchasing Manager
Leading Packaging Paper Producer in Southern US