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Advanced Manufacturing Practicum

Advanced Manufacturing Practicum: A Partnership between Buschman and Students

AMP is a valuable program created by Buschman to provide high school students in the Cleveland area with the opportunity to learn job skills that will help them succeed in the well-paid manufacturing sector.

AMP students earn a paycheck and other benefits while receiving practical on-the-job training and hands-on experience and direction in the fields of machining, engineering and industrial maintenance.

Students focus on three areas of manufacturing that have the most opportunities for qualified candidates. We cross-train students so they are as familiar with as much of the manufacturing process as possible.

  • Machining
    • Students gain experience with basics of manual machining through high-volume production on CNC equipment while completing their high school education.
  • Engineering
    • Students use state-of-the-art software such as SolidWorks and AutoCAD to draw some of the actual components Buschman produces. Students draw the components and often work with our machinists and machine operators to help make the components they’ve drawn.
  • Industrial Maintenance
    • Students learn about diagnosing and repairing industrial equipment and understanding and addressing physical building systems. It is one of the better paying jobs in the manufacturing sector for which the number of qualified people available to fill those jobs falls far short of demand. We help prepare our students to meet the challenges of this field.


While the manufacturing sector in this country continues to grow, it is becoming more and more difficult to fill these well-paid jobs. We created AMP to support workforce development in Cleveland and to take an active role in helping prepare young people with manufacturing employment.

Our broader vision is to encourage manufacturers in Cleveland to join with us and empower students to Learn, Earn, and Return back to our community.

Our Vision: Empower Students to:

  • Learn: Students have the opportunity to practice skills learned at school in a real-world manufacturing environment.
  • Earn: Students earn a paycheck while learning skills necessary to succeed in the well-paid manufacturing sector.
  • Return: The program helps prepare students to be successful members of the community.

Student Benefits

  • $10/hour (10-15 hours/week)
  • Coaching, Mentoring & Support
  • 6 minutes of paid study time accrued for every 1 hour worked
  • Incentive points that can be used to purchase tickets, gifts, etc.
  • Flexible Schedule – School comes first
  • Up to $2,000 scholarship to post-HS graduation school of choice

Incentive Points

The AMP Incentive Point Program allows students to earn points to be redeemed for gift cards or event tickets at Cleveland businesses. Points are awarded quarterly based on student performance in the following areas:

  • Academic Performance
  • Academic Attendance
  • Community Service
  • Job Performance

Students are evaluated on the above criteria quarterly and can earn up to 25,000 points per quarter, a value of $250. Points are awarded in the following manner:

Academic Performance (Up to 7,500 points per quarter)

Points are awarded for a 3.0 GPA or higher at the rate of 500 points per 0.1 increase in GPA. Additionally, any student who maintains a 4.0 GPA will earn an additional 2,500 points for the quarter. Example: Student maintains a 3.5 GPA for a quarter and earns 3,000 points for their academic performance.

Academic Attendance (Up to 5,000 points per quarter)

Points are awarded for 96% or better attendance at the rate of 1,000 points per percentage of attendance. Example: Student maintains 97% attendance for a quarter and earns 2,000 points for their academic attendance.

Community Service (Up to 5,000 points per quarter)

Points are awarded for each hour of community service performed by a student at the rate of 1,000 points per hour. Example: Student performs 3 hours of community service in a quarter and earns 3,000 points for their community service.

AMP Coach’s Assessment (Up to 7,500 points per quarter)

Points are awarded based on the coach’s assessment of the student’s performance at work. Students are evaluated on multiple aspects of their job performance, personal and professional growth, and other soft skills. Each section of the evaluation is given a score of one through five. The total score is divided by the maximum possible score to assign a percentage to the test. The student must get at least a 60% to remain in the program. Students with a score above 60% will earn the evaluation score percentage of the available 7,500 points. Example: A student receives a 90% on their evaluation for the quarter and earns 6,750 points for their coach’s assessment.

Program Requirements

  • Minimum Age 16+: This is the age at which a student can legally work in a manufacturing environment.
  • School Attendance: School attendance must be maintained to participate in the program.
  • Community Service: We encourage our students to get involved in their community and reward them with an incentive points program.
  • Maintain a 2.0 GPA: We want our students to understand that academics is their top priority.
  • Drug Free: Students must pass a drug screening before their application will be accepted.

Learn More & Apply

Contact Ross DeFelice, President
4100 Payne Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44103


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