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Polyurethane Rod Holders Case Study

How Buschman Hot Cast Polyurethane Rod Holders Achieve Superior Performance


The purpose of the trial was to run Buschman HS-Hot Cast Polyurethane Rod Holders on a Rod Metering Size Press. The customer used Light Weight Coating (LWC) on to fine papers. The customer was having a problem with excessive coating buildup on the upper lip edge of the holder.

Buschman custom-engineered holder profile to rotate the axis of the cradle to pull the upper lip away from the backing roll. Success was achieved with surprising results.


  1. Magazine and other specialty grades of paper from LWC, which is mostly white clay
  2. Rod holder life is typically around 4 weeks
  3. Purchase holders from the OEM
  4. Holders used in both the top & bottom position
  5. Machine Speed 1310 Meters per minute
  6. Rod Load Pressure 20-35 PSI
  7. Rod speed is 75 RPM
  8. Backing roll hardness 45 P&J Polyurethane
  9. Percent of solids: 58-61%
  10. Dry Coat Weight 13-15 g/m2
  11. Basis Weight:30-50 g/m2


Buschman Hot Cast Polyurethane Rod Holders achieved good performance for 6 weeks (a 50% increase in holder life), plus the lip edge stayed clean in operation allowing the coating to run for 6 weeks, uninterrupted by streaking that was common previously.

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