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Buschman AMP Program Wins Mission Builder Award for Workforce Development

Written by Buschman

The Advanced Manufacturing Practicum (AMP), an innovative workforce development program created by Buschman to help students “learn, earn, and return,” has been recognized with the Mission Builder Workforce Development Award by Manufacturing Works.

Buschman is a global leader in manufacturing custom metering rod solutions for the paper and printing industries. The company developed AMP with input from Manufacturing Works and Max Hayes High School in Cleveland to address the trade skills gap while empowering students to become leaders in their community.

L-R: Patrick Pastore (PNC Bank), Ken Patsey (Manufacturing Works), Ross DeFelice (Buschman), Wes Buschman (Buschman), Devin Pink (Buschman / Max S. Hayes High School)

AMP builds on a traditional internship program by adding incentives to motivate students to study hard, keep up their grades, and volunteer in their communities. AMP accepts one third-year vocational high school student each year and works with them through graduation. Students are introduced to the expectations of a professional workplace, rotated through different departments, and given regular feedback and mentoring.

In return, students earn paid study time, are eligible for assistance with transportation and other barriers to participation, and can earn incentives for keeping up their grades, volunteering in their community and workplace performance and attendance. Upon completing the program, students are also given a $2,000 scholarship for continuing their education, either at a trade school or post-secondary institution.

Three students have completed the program to date. Two went on to military service and one is pursuing an engineering degree at a local university. Manufacturing Works called AMP a “turnkey model” for other manufacturers interested in workforce sustainability.

“The AMP program really opened my eyes to all the career possibilities in manufacturing,” said Devin Pink, who graduated from the program this spring and enlisted in the Marine Corps. “I was working on machines from my first day, was treated like an employee every step of the way, and really got to see how what I was learning in class translated to the workplace.”

“We’re honored to receive this award and excited to work with nonprofits like Manufacturing Works and vocational schools like Max Hayes High School,” said Ross DeFelice, President of Buschman. “Their thoughtful and ongoing cooperation allows Buschman to focus on our core AMP principles of ‘Learn, Earn, and Return’ while providing our company with a pipeline of skilled workers and a better overall educational experience for students.”

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